Saturday, February 13, 2010

A follow-up to our first release is now available! Updated graphics and interface will have you swooning just as soon as you start this treat of an app.


A long time ago in a far away land there dwelt a lone sheet of paper. This sheet of danger and mystery was inhabited by the one known as the Doodle Champion, a combatant noted for his accuracy and fearlessness, destined to save his kingdom against the evil doodle army!


Join Doodle Champion in an epic saga against the legions of doodle enemies. Using a bow and arrow has never been more fun as you pillage through each level leaving behind doodle destruction and upgrading your weapons along the way.

Your objective is simple: destroy, conquer, prevail. Do you have what it takes? We dare you to find out.

The Most Unique Archery Experience:

Bowman Legends features simple gameplay, irresistible graphics, and battle music unlike any heard before.

With extremely responsive weaponry, intelligent enemies, and stunning scenery, Bowman Legends will have you ogling your iDevice for hours on end. Enjoy the luxury of OpenFeint, leader boards, and achievements.

Join us in our quest, prove you’re the best, and find out the rest for only $.99 cents.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Keep up to date with PixelStick Games!

Hello faithful followers! Want to stay up to date with our first release Stick Siege as well as our upcoming titles like Stick Quest? You can now follow us on Twitter!

Also keep up with us on both the Touch Arcade and Slide to Play forums!

We for sure will be updating you now with the release of Stick Siege and the upcoming Stick Quest! Lots of exciting details coming your way!

StickSiege has been released to the AppStore!

An epic battle between good and sticks has arrived in your pocket... or wherever you keep you iDevice.

Check it out HERE!